By admin2November 30, 2019

The title (slogan) of the Saudi Media Forum is: “Media Industry— Opportunities and Challenges”, in line with the developments in the communication environment of the media and social networks.

The forum will includes working sessions, specialized workshops and an open meeting and would be attended by world-best media experts and representatives of Arab and international media.

This Forum would discuss and interact with emerging media issues and matters, and their relationship with the communicative developments in the Arab region and the world.

This initiative of Saudi Journalists Association will explore a common vision towards enhancing the tracks of understanding, cooperation and experiences related to the development of the media industry.

The Forum seeks to achieve a number of key objectives, such as:

    Reveal the methods of content industry and the formation of public opinion in the new environment of communication.

  •     To highlight the importance of the media industry as a soft power and the implications of its role in building the reputation of countries and societies.
  •     To know the mechanisms of digital transformation of media organizations in achieving competitive revenues.
  •     Emphasize the qualifying of the human element and invest it in the age of the media industry.
  •     Review the investment opportunities available for the media and the mechanisms to achieve them

Day I sessions include:

  • The Relationship Between Media And The Audience
  • Journalism As A Driver Of Change
  • Cross-Border Campaign Tools
  • The Media Message and the Challenges of the Contemporary Transformations
  • Transformational Media: A Blueprint
  • Truth In Modern Media
  • Balanced Reporting in The Age of Media Wars
  • Talk Shows: Discourse, Power, And Significance
  • Youth In Modern Media
  • The Role Of Media In Promoting Tolerance And Coexistence
  • The Power of Visuals: Telling the Region’s Story
  • Digital Dialogue In A Digital Age
  • Media As Soft Power
  • Conversations and Communities: How to Create an Authentic Connection with Your Audience
  • Advertising Budgets: Who Benefits?
  • Born a King: Remarks by Andrés Vicente Gómez
  • How to Win When Challenge is the Only Constant
  • The G20 Summit
  • Effective Governance
  • Saudi Arabia: Growing International Presence and A Global Investment Powerhouse
  • The Media Industry: A Reality Check
  • Saudi Sports: Towards A Productive Industry
  • Islamophobia: Fueled By Society Or A Media Crisis?