Under the slogan «Media Industry .. Opportunities and Challenges», the activities of the Saudi Media Forum, the first media event of its kind in Saudi Arabia, will kick off on Monday and will last for two days in the capital Riyadh, organized by the Saudi Journalists Association, with the participation of 1000 experts and prominent leaders and influencers In the field of media industry in the world, representatives of local, Arab and international media, from 32 countries, to discuss emerging media issues, and their relationship to the communication developments in the Arab region and the world.

Chairman of the Forum, Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthy, confirms that the sessions will host speakers reflecting the interests of the print, digital, visual, audiovisual, production and advertising industry. Turki Al-Sheikh and Saudi Ambassador to Egypt Osama Naqli.

The forum will also include the participation of Abdullah Al-Ghadami, Salman Al-Dossari, Amal Al-Hazani, Editor-in-Chief of Okaz Jamil Al Thiabi, Advisor to the King of Bahrain for Media Affairs Nabil Bin Yaqoub Al Hamar, Chairman of the Egyptian Press Syndicate, Diaa Rashwan, Emad Eddin Adeeb, Sawsan Al Shaer, and others.

Al Harithi added that the management of the forum was keen on the presence of international names, including Richard Bain of the «BBC», Benjamin Parthi of the newspaper «Le Monde» French, Richard Spencer of the British «Times», and Sarah Stewart of the agency «« AFP »and Manabu Kilgao of Asahi Shibimon of Japan and Larissa Aoun of Sky News.

The Forum will address the concept of comprehensive media, which includes all aspects and associated media industries, with a presentation to all media schools and press from around the world, and will open the door to talk about ways to promote openness to the other and the exchange of cultures and civilizations, as well as specialized sessions and workshops and an open meeting in line with developments in the Communication environment for media and social networks, discussion of dimensions and professionalism, challenges of cross-border media and soft power, as well as research of the entertainment industry in the Kingdom, prospects for Saudi investments in cross-border media, Digital shift in journalistic institutions Saudi Arabia.

The Forum launches the Saudi Media Award, which includes: Media Application, Entrepreneurial Media, Media Personality of the Year, Audiovisual Production, Visual Production, and others. The Forum seeks to achieve a set of objectives, most notably: Identifying the reality of the media industry and its organizational, cultural, professional and technical challenges. The factors influencing them, exposing the content industry methods and shaping public opinion in the new communication environment, in addition to reviewing the investment opportunities available to the media and the mechanisms to achieve them.

Details of the forum sessions can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uzB8sOv_F5y2vqZBh9pTAALj4WWBwDF2/view


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