The board member of Saudi Journalists Association and the General Supervisor of Saudi Media Forum and Award, Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthi, said that the branches of the award in its first session will include (journalism, visual production, audio production).

Al-Harthi added that journalism branch will included the categories of (social journalism, cultural journalism, economic journalism, political journalism, sports journalism, photo journalism, caricature "cartons" journalism), published in Saudi newspapers and Saudi news sites, pointing out that the award of the columnists category in the journalism branch will be granted by the award authority according to professional standards.

He added that the categories included in the visual production branch are (the report, the interview and the documentary), and the audio production branch will include the category (mass communication), indicating that the criteria for submission to the branches of the award available on the website.

He pointed out that Individuals working in Saudi press institutions and have a published production in the media channels of these institutions are entitled to nominate themselves. Saudi institutions, or institutions with representation in Saudi Arabia, are also entitled to nominate whom it deems appropriate from their employees in the branches of visual and audio production, stressing that the nominees bear legal responsibility for the ownership of their submitted works.

Al-Harithi said that the aim of the award is to discover, nurture, encourage, create competition and create a spirit of innovation and creativity in the field of media work. He added that he is looking forward to the participation of all media professionals in the Kingdom in the various branches of the prize and applied within the time limit for nomination and stressing that all works nominated for the award will be subject to the arbitration process of specialists in each category.