Saudi Journalists Association, at the Beginning of December 2019, is preparing to launch the Saudi Media Forum in its first edition, and will be for two days. The forum will includes working sessions, specialized workshops and an open meeting, in the presence of a number of prominent experts, influential in the media industry field in the world, and representatives of Arab and international media. The aim is to discuss and interact with emerging media issues and matters, and their relationship with the communicative developments in the Arab region and the world. As well as a common vision towards enhancing the tracks of understanding, cooperation and experiences related to the development of the media industry. In addition, to explore trends and opportunities that support future visions of this industry and the potential for earning revenues from them in more than one level. Furthermore, to highlighting information practices in their organizational, professional, technical and community dimensions and their relationship to the communication environment.

The Saudi Media Forum seeks to highlight the Kingdom's global standing, commercialize its ambitious national vision 2030 and identify its national achievements in reality by building a new mental image of the Kingdom for those influential in the global media industry and international media representatives. As well as enhancing the role of the Saudi media in the manufacture of international public opinion, and building an international network of relations between the Kingdom and international media institutions.

The slogan of the Saudi Media Forum in its first edition 2019 is: "Media industry.. opportunities and challenges", in line with the developments in the communication environment of the media and social networks. Because the media industry is no longer formed in a limited local context, it become an open global space. Therefore, opportunities to invest the new reality have grown, in building relationships, mergers, partnerships, understandings, role-playing, and promote interests. Media also became a very advanced industry, not only in content preparation, but also in its investment to achieve greater goals of disseminating knowledge or seeking to participate in it. Media also has become a source of changing perceptions, feeding conflicts, and making money. It means that the media creator today needs regulations and policies gives the opportunity to invest this new reality, exploring trends and opportunities that support future visions of the industry, and the possibility of earning revenues from them in the short term before the long one.

The Saudi Media Award, in its first session this year, supports media institutions in discovering, nurturing and encouraging creators. It also supports the belief in the importance of enhancing the efforts of Saudi media professionals in building innovative and modernity non-traditional content. As well, contributes to the advancement and development of media work in the Kingdom, stimulates competition and professional creativity and promotes the freedom of opinion and expression for the media professional. In addition to emphasize their moral and legal responsibilities during their professional practices. In line with the rapid changes in the media level and its applications and keep up with the communication developments by the public, especially in social networks. Furthermore, to highlight the participation of the Saudi media in the development of society and achieve the objectives of development, cultural, economic and investment programs.