The board member of Saudi Journalists Association and the General Supervisor of Saudi Media Forum and Award, Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthi, said that the Kingdom’s influential political and economic role on the international stage had to be matched by an effective media that was proportionate to the country’s status and importance.

Al-Harthi added that the forum, which will be held for two days, will discuss trans-continental media practices and global use of media content as a method of soft influence and power, the challenges the media industry and social networking platforms face. He added that the forum will include major work sessions and panel discussions.

He added that the forum will discuss the developments related to the economics of the media industry, challenges facing the local media institutions and presenting international experiments of overcoming these challenges and the best ways to adapt to changes in the sector. He said that the forum is expected to attract media experts and professionals who are able to present content and creative ideas in media experiences, and officials review the official aspect and deal with the media and its requirements.

Al-Harthi added that the rapid changes taking place in the industry necessitated certifying local media groups and giving them the chance to be mindful of international advances in order to gain skills and competency. These provisions and interactions will enhance and boost their awareness and understanding of the future and challenges for the media, especially since the media’s role is already rooted as one of the most important and influential weapons within the international arena.

Al-Harthis said that this forum slogan consistent with the information age and its numerous and diverse sources and communication networks, the use of information in a timely manner and objective context makes it important to concentrate on the content and to take the profession’s ethics and values into account.

He added that the forum will provide an opportunity to build a mental image that reflects the new Saudi Arabia with its spirit, vitality and ambitions, in the presence of major influencers in the international media industry. It will also promote the role of Saudi media in shaping global public opinion and developing an international network of relationships between local and global media institutions.

Al-Harthi said that the media award will encourage and recognize the value of outstanding and professional work by the Kingdom’s journalists and it includes four branches: journalism, visual production, audio production and media personality of the year. The winners will receive financial and supportive award. He added that the forum and the award ceremony will be attended by experts and prominent leaders in the media industry and representatives of Arab and international media.