The Saudi Journalists Association will hold a press conference tomorrow -Tuesday, August 27- at noon, to announce the details of the first version of the Saudi Media Forum and Award. The conference will take place at the headquarter of the Saudi Journalists Association (SJA) at 01:00 p.m. Chairman of the Board of SJA, Khalid Al-Malik, and member of the Board of Directors of SJA and Chairman of the Saudi Media Forum and Award, Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthi, will attend the conference.

Al-Harthi said that the vision, the logo, the slogan and the goals of the Saudi Media Forum and Award, in its first version this year, will be announced in the press conference. He pointed out that he will also launch on the sidelines of the conference website in Arabic and English, and the social media accounts of the forum and the award, to promote and publicize them locally and globally.

Al-Harthi added that the Saudi Media Forum, which will be at the end of November, comes at a time while the media sector is witnessing rapid changes and developments in various technical and investment fields. He said also that the forum will discuss these developments emerging media topics and issues and interacting with the participation of experts, leaders and influencers in the field of media industry. The aim is to achieve a number of goals that support the media industry.

Al-Harthi said, the media award in its first version this year, is a support for the media institutions to discover, take care and encourage the creatives. It is also for the belief in the importance of strengthening the efforts of Saudi media professionals in building unconventional content that is creative and innovative. The award will highlight the participation of the Saudi media in the development of society and achieving the goals of developmental, cultural, economic and investment programs.