The forum will be held on December 2, with more than a thousand of media personal present

  • Al-Malik: Saudi Media Forum aims to exchange views and global experiences
  • Al-Malik: Saudi Media Award aims to inspire competition and stimulate professional creativity in the media
  • Al-Harthi: Saudi Media Forum will be attended by local and international media makers, and they will discuss the reality and the future of media industry
  • Al-Harthi: Saudi Media Award will open the way for all creators and innovators in the content industry to be honored and shed light on their work


Saudi Journalists Association (SJA) launched yesterday the identity, the website and the social media accounts for the Saudi Media Forum and the Saudi Media Award. This was among the press conference, which was held in the headquarter of SJA, and was attended by Chairman of the Board of SJA, Khalid Al-Malik, and Member of the Board of Directors of SJA and Chairman of the Saudi Media Forum and Award, Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthi.

Mr. Khalid Al-Malek, Chairman of SJA, said that the Saudi Media Forum is an important media event to highlight the Kingdom's international great status, and clarify the positive changes taking place in Saudi Arabia. It is also a chance to publicize its national gains and build a new mental image of the Kingdom to influencers in the global media industry. Al-Malik thanked the Minister of Information, Turki Al-Shabanah, for his support and encouragement to the project of Saudi Media Forum and Saudi Media Award.

Al-Malik added that the forum, which will be launched under the slogan "Media Industry: Opportunities and Challenges", will be held on December 2, in Riyadh in the presence of more than a thousand of local, Arab and international media personal. He said that it aims to enrich discussion and exchange of views and experiences on the media industry. In addition to dialogue with the other and understanding of global and regional experiences. He pointed out that the forum will be held every year to consolidate the name of Riyadh as the media capital of the Arab world in a leading country in the political and economic arena in the world.

Al-Malik also said that the media industry faces major challenges in technology and investment as well as human capital. During the forum sessions, speakers and experts from the media industry will participate in discussing the reality of the media industry and its challenges, the content and shaping the public opinion and the industry of soft power in the media.  In addition to the digital transformation of media institutions, the human capital in the new media era and investment opportunities in the era of the media industry. He pointed out that on the sidelines of the forum, the Saudi Media Award in its first version will be announced.

Al-Malik said that the Saudi Media Award, in its first version, is an opportunity to stimulate and develop the media work in the Kingdom. He pointed that the award aims to inspire competition and stimulate professional creativity in the media. He said, "The kingdom is undergoing a period of changes with achievements in various social, economic and political fields, consequently, traditional and modern media have the responsibility to highlight these achievements through tools that reflect the power of local media". Therefore, the Saudi Media Award will contribute to this by encouraging outstanding professional and creative media work at the level of Saudi media or media institutions that have representation in the Kingdom.

Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthi, Member of the Board of Directors of SJA and Chairman of the Saudi Media Forum and Award, said that the development and changes in the media industry pose many challenges, but at the same time, it opens up new opportunities. He added that the presence of a thousand media personal, in one place, to discuss the future of media industry and its challenges will have a positive impact on the media locally and regionally.

Al-Harthi said that the Saudi Media Forum will be an annual forum for media professionals stimulates renewal and innovation. The forum sessions will cover the media content development and the economics of media institutions and transcontinental media. There are also workshops and discussion sessions on advanced global experiences in the media industry, and how to make benefit from these experiences.

He added that the forum, which the registration will be available to everyone through the website of the Saudi Media Forum, will be attended by about 60 speakers from Saudi Arabia and the world. They are some of the most prominent media professionals at the local and international level, and they will discuss, over two days, the reality and the issues of the Arab and international media industry and its challenges, and the industry of forming the public opinion. The workshops will also discuss several topics on the Saudi media, among them: the challenges of the media industry, the soft mission in making a reputation, the value of the content. In addition to the digital transformation project for newspapers, media competitiveness, and promising investment opportunities for press institutions.

Al-Harthi said that the Saudi Media Award, in its first version, aims to stimulate the media professionals and media institutions to raise the competition and develop the content, according to the standards of competitiveness, quality and innovation. Stressing that the rapid changes at the media level and its applications, enhance the importance of the content and its quality.

He added that the award in the press branch includes the categories (political, social, cultural, economic, sports, photo journalism and cartoons "caricature"), which published in Saudi newspapers or news sites. He pointed out that the Prize Authority, according to professional standards, will grant the columnist prize in the press branch. He added that the visual production branch includes the categories (video report and interviews) and the audio production branch includes the category (mass communication).

Al-Harthi stressed that the Saudi Journalists Association looks forward to the participation of all media professionals in the Kingdom, those who represent or work in the Saudi media channels of non-Saudi. He explained that the criteria for submission for the branches of the prize are available on the website.

He said that individuals working in Saudi press institutions, and have published their work in the channels of these press institutions, are entitled to nominate their selves in the press branch. He added that Saudi institutions or those with representation in the Kingdom are entitled to nominate any of their employees in the visual and audio production branches.

Al-Harthi said also the submission for all the branches of the award start on August 27, until the end of September. He stressed that all the nominated works will be subject to judging by specialists in each category, and the names of the winners will be announced at the dinner ceremony on November 27, within the activities of the Saudi Media Forum.