Launching the Saudi Media award in its first version


The Saudi Media Award announced the opening of registration and nomination for the award in its first version, starting from August 27, until the end of next September for the receiving the applications for nomination within four branches covering the most important areas of journalism. Those who want to nominate for the award to present and upload their work electronically through the website

Chairman of the Saudi Media Forum and Award, Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthi, said that the award is granted in four branches, Journalism, Visual Production, Audio Production and Media Personality of the Year; and each branch consists of several specialized categories. He stressed that the award aims to encourage professional and creative media work in the Saudi media or that have representation in Saudi Arabia. In addition to contributing in the promotion of freedom of opinion and expression in society, in addition to the appreciation of Saudi personalities contributed in the Saudi media and enhance the level of Saudi media presence, locally and globally.

Al-Harthi said that each media professional works in the Saudi media institutions and published any work in the channels of these media initiations, is entitled to be nominated in the press branch. Saudi media institutions or institutions that have representation in Saudi Arabia are entitled to nominate their qualified employees in the branches of visual and audio production. The applying for the media award is in the following branches and categories; Journalism, which includes (political, social, cultural, economic, sports, photo journalism, cartoons "caricature" and columnist), which published in Saudi newspapers or news sites. The visual production, which includes (video report and interviews), and the audio production, which includes (mass communication).

Al-Harthi added that the award is granted annually to professional media works, which meet the conditions of the award, whether these works were by individuals or institutions. The Award Authority have the right to withhold the award of some or all of the branches and categories if the terms and conditions are not completed or applied. He invited all the media institutions and media professionals to visit the website of the award to see the system and the standards of the award, and its executive regulation with the method of submission.

Al-Harthi said that the award aims to develop and stimulate media work, and he expressed optimism about the interaction of the Saudi media with the award and the consolidation of the principle of professional competition, creativity and innovation.