In order to provide the opportunity to a larger number of participants and give them more time to prepare and submit their work through official channels, Mr. Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi,, Member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Journalists Association and President of the Saudi Media Forum and Award, announced the extension of the application period in its various branches until the 7th of October 2019. Instead of the end of September that was previously scheduled.


Al-Harthi explained that the award aims to motivate and innovate in the provision of media content, which includes six categories, namely: journalism "political journalism, economic journalism, social journalism, sports journalism, cultural journalism, investigative journalism, photo journalism, caricature journalism, columnist journalist ", Video production" dialogue, TV report ", audiovisual production, public dialogue, the best media application, the public media figure of the year.

Al-Harthi said that each category of the competition has an independent judging committee, which does its work without any interference, expecting that there will be a wide range of creativite work, and that he is looking forward to achieving tangible improvements in Saudi media, with the support of the Ministry of Information and the Saudi Journalists Authority.