The Saudi Media Award began receiving the nominations by participants through the dedicated website (

The organizing committee of the Saudi Media Forum, which will be held on December 2-3, 2019, began to receive entries earlier this month, before announcing the extension of the Award to the 7nth of October, in order to allow those wishing to participate more time to prepare and submit their work.
For his part, Mr. Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi, member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Journalists Association and President of the Saudi Media Forum and Award, explained that each category of the competition has an independent jury, which does its work without any interference, the general tone is expected to be welcoming towards ​​creativity and development, to achieve tangible achievements In Saudi media, supported by the Ministry of Information and the Saudi Journalists Association.
The award includes six categories: journalism "political journalism, economic journalism, social journalism, sports journalism, cultural journalism, investigative journalism, photojournalism, caricature journalism, columnist journalist ", Video production" dialogue, TV report ", audiovisual production, public dialogue, the best media application, the public media figure of the year.