Highlighting the 1st annual Saudi Media Forum scheduled for Riyadh on 2-3 December, 2019 under the theme (Media Industry .. Opportunities and Challenges), Mohammed bin Fahd Al-Harthi, Chairman of the Saudi Media Forum, announced today that important figures from different countries will take part as key speakers in the forum.
In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Al-Harthi disclosed that the forum, organized by the Saudi Journalists Association, has selected speakers who reflect the interests of the media industry in the print, digital, visual, audiovisual, production and advertisement domains. He added that the media industry has become intertwined and requires a full understanding of its various sectors in order to reach an integrative work in the media.
Al-Harthi also unveiled that important dignitaries from more than 60 global, Arab and local media will deliver speeches in the forum, including Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL) Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa; Minister of Commerce and Investment Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi; Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority Turki Al Al-Sheikh; Saudi ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt Osama Naqli; Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghathami; Salman Al-Dosary; Dr. Amal Al-Hazani; Editor-in-Chief of Okaz Newspaper Jameel Al-Thiabi; Advisor to King of Bahrain for Media Affairs Nabil bin Yacoub Al-Hamar; Head of Egyptian Syndicate for Press Dr. Dhia Rashwan; Writer Emad Adeeb and Sawsan Al-Shaer.
He affirmed that the forum attracts global figures, including Richard Bain (BBC); Richard Spencer (The Time, Britain); Sarah Stewart (AFP); Manabo Klbjau (The Asahi Shimbun, Japan), and Larissa Gunn (Sky News).
Al-Harthi affirmed that the forum is an annual media event aiming to develop media industry in the region, adding that the Saudi Media Award will be announced and given away during the forum's activities.
He said that the Kingdom is witnessing a media activity in line with positive developments in the economic, cultural, media and entertainment fields, pointing out that the forum will discuss issues pertaining to the media industry and will highlight international successful experiences.
Al-Harthi asserted that the Saudi Media Forum will discuss the reality and influence of media industry, the challenges facing it, the contents in the new environment of communication, as well as the formation of public opinion across the world.
He concluded that the two-day event will include meetings, sessions and workshops as well as signing of a number of agreements.





Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa     Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi               Turki Al Al-Sheikh


Osama Naqli                           Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghathami      Salman Al-Dosary


Dr. Amal Al-Hazani                  Jameel Al-Thiabi                     Dr. Dhia Rashwan


 Nabil Al-Hamar                      Emad Adeeb                         Sawsan Al-Shaer


  Richard Spencer                    Larissa Gunn                          Mohammed Fahd Al-Harthi