The Saudi Media Award, which has been extended twice earlier, expires on Tuesday evening, in order to allow as many people as possible to participate and give them time to prepare their work.
For his part, Mr. Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Journalists Association and President of the Saudi Media Forum and Award, said that at midnight today, applying for the award ends with its various branches.
Al-Harthi added that the number of entries until the moment has reached 720 across all categories of the award, pointing out that there has been a large and growing turnout for the award during the past days.
He pointed out that the award aims to develop media content in the Kingdom, and to recognize and honor creators, encourage innovation and creativity, create competition between talent, stimulate professional creativity in the media, as well as the development of freedom of opinion and expression.
The Award has six categories, namely: Journalism, which in turn is divided into several branches (political, economic, cultural, social, investigative, sports, image and cartoon).
The visual production includes under its umbrella two branches (TV Report and Television Dialogue). And the production of audio has one branch (the public dialogue). media application, entrepreneurial media, and public media figure of the year.
The Saudi Media Award Authority recently announced the formation of the Board of Directors of the Award, which includes prominent Saudi and influential Arabic names, which will oversee the general policies of the Award, ensure its independence and apply professional standards.