Saudi Journalists Association

The Saudi Journalists Association was founded in 2004 to serve the professional objectives of journalists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
These objectives includes defending the interests and rights of the journalists. Promoting the freedom of opinion and expression in their
professional practices. Training and qualifying them to keep up with the rapid changes in the new communication environment. As well as
consolidating and developing the concepts of the journalistic ethics and to be respected within the society. Representing Saudi journalists before official and other professional bodies inside and outside the Kingdom.

The association looks forward to improve financial and administrative rights of the journalists. Making sure that they are not subjected to pressures by their employers and safeguarding the rights of the members in cases of arbitrary dismissal, illness or disability by addressing the competent authorities in such cases. The association also seeks to encourage the media institutions to discover, care for, encourage innovators in the field of journalism and provide them with opportunities. It also seeks to provide special benefits and facilities for its members and pursue their activities professionally.

The association is keen to enable journalists to attend public meetings in municipal councils, district councils, Shura Council, federations, clubs,
associations and other public institutions. It is also keen to promote the principle of professional specialties of the members and provide
necessary training for these specialties. It also works to provide its services for the members, achieve its objectives through legal means, and pursue different appropriate means, including the holding of seminars, conferences, meetings, training courses, workshops and various cultural and social events, as well as conducting research and
studies related to the development of its services.

In its current session, the association has made great achievements at the level of organizing, periodic meetings, bilateral agreements and the holding events. The freedoms committee in the association issued two press reports for 2016 and 2017. These reports were included in the annual release of the Federation of Arab Journalists during the international celebration of "World Press Freedom Day" on the 3 rd of May of every year.

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