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The first step of the Saudi media began with a series of successive decisions, which later formed the Ministry of Media. The start was establishing Um Al-Qura Newspaper in 1924, then establishing Saudi Radio in 1949, after that, the General Directorate of Press in 1959 and the announcement of the Ministry of Media in 1963.

Over the past decades, the Saudi media has witnessed considerable shifts in terms of regulations, policies, professional and technical practices. It continues to benefit from the developments in the communication environment to enhance its professional capabilities in providing media work that meets the communication needs of the
public, in line with professional performance that complies with the distinguishing criteria and values.

The areas of freedom of media opinion and expression in the Kingdom have seen several developments, some of which are related to assimilating the modern regulations connected to changes recognized by the field of communication professionally, technically and organizationally, and then the tendency to grant the media institutions greater openness and transparency in their existing practices. Such practices acquired greater margin of the freedom of opinion and expression through the discussion for many of important social issues related to women's rights, human rights and combating corruption. The Saudi foreign media has also sought to communicate with the global media, facilitate their access into the Kingdom, and allow the representation of these institutions through internal offices in the
Kingdom and the coverage of local events and issues.

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