Award System


Article one - The Name of the Award:

The name of the Award is "Saudi Media Award"


Article two - The Goals of the Award:

The Award aims to achieve the following:

  1. Encourage distinctive and professional media works in Saudi media.

  2. Contribute to spread media knowledge and awareness in the society to promote the national roles in confronting challenges.

  3. Appreciating Saudi personalities who contributed to the journey of the Saudi media and enhanced the Saudi media presence locally and internationally.


Article three - Granting the Award:

  1. The award is granted annually to professional media works, to which the terms of the award apply, whether individuals or institutions carry out such work, and some or all branches of the award may be withheld by a decision of the award authority.

  2. Outstanding works nominations for the award are made by individuals or institutions, also individuals and institutions are entitled to nominate their work directly for the award.


Article four - Branches of the Award:

The award is granted in four branches, each branch consists of several specialized areas, and the branches are:

  1. Journalism.

  2. Visual production.

  3. Audio production.

  4. Media application.

  5. Pioneering media.

  6. Media Person of the Year.


Article five - Terms and Conditions of the Award:

The acceptance of works submitted or nominated for the award shall be subject to the following:

  1. To be characterized as a new and innovative.

  2. To contribute to the advancement and development of media work, and stimulate competition and creativity in the field to which it belongs.

  3. To be committed to the special standards decided by the association for each branch of the award.


Article six - Award Management:

The Award Authority is the considered body to manage the award for three years, formed by the board of directors of the "Saudi Journalists Association (SJA)", and consists seven members at least including a president and a secretary general, and the representation of (SJA), in this award board, is not more than three members.


Article seven - Tasks of the Award Authority:

The award authority shall undertake the following tasks:

  1. Receiving all nominations for all branches of the award, and ensure that all the conditions stipulated in the nomination terms for each award is applied.

  2. Selecting members for the specialized arbitration committees in each branch of the award.

  3. Presenting all nominations received for the award, which applied the general conditions and terms, to the arbitration committees.

  4. Approving the recommendations of the arbitration committees and naming the winners of the award in its various categories.

  5. Preparing, organizing and marketing the award announcement ceremony and inviting the most influential media industry in the world and representatives of international and regional media to attend the ceremony.

  6. Proposing the necessary amendments to the award system and its executive regulation.


Article eight - The Amount of The Award:

  1. The association grants money awards to the winners in all branches of the award, in accordance with the executive regulation of the award, and the award of any field may be granted equally to no more than two winners in a work or a subject nominated for the award.

  2. The winners will be also granted appreciation certificates with the name of the winning work and the name of the winner (winners) of the award.


Article nine - Finance the Award:

The award is funded by the resources of the association, and by marketing sponsorships with government and private entities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Article ten – The Executive Regulation of the Award:

The board of directors of the association shall approve the executive regulation of the provisions of this system.


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