Award Regulations


Article one - Definitions:

These following words and phrases, wherever mentioned in the articles of this regulation, mean:

  1. The association: Saudi Journalists Association (SJA)

  2. The board of directors: Board of Directors of the Saudi Journalists Association.

  3. The award authority: is the responsible body, authorized by the board of directors of the Saudi Journalists Association, to manage the award.

  4. The arbitration committees: the committees formed by the award authority to judge the nominated works in the various categories of the award.

  5. Categories of the award: the four categories representing the major fields in media and explained in the award system, and they are, journalism, visual production, audio production and media person of the year.


First - The name of the award:

Article two:

The name of the award is "The Saudi Media Award"


Second - Periodical of the Award:

Article three:

The award is granted once a year, and the announcement dates for the award, arbitration of the works submitted and the award grant ceremony, is according to the following dates:

  1. The fields of the different branches of the competition will be approved for the next year in December of each year.

  2. The fields in each branch of the award, arbitration criteria and terms of submission will be announced in January.

  3. The nominated works will be received in June, July and August of each year.

  4. Arbitrating the nominated works, choosing the winning works and adopting the recommendations of arbitral committees will be in September and October of each year.

  5. The award will be granted annually in the second half of November of each year.



Third - Nominating for the Award

Article Four:

The award will be granted in a general ceremony. The nominees, either individuals, institutions or their representatives, will be invited as well as a number of international well-known figures, representatives of global media, social influencers, local media and governmental and academic institutions related to the association's interests or other related areas from inside and outside the kingdom.


Article Five:

Individuals working in Saudi press institutions and have a published production in the media channels of these institutions are entitled to nominate themselves. Saudi institutions, or institutions with representation in Saudi Arabia, are also entitled to nominate whom it deems appropriate from their employees in the branches of visual and audio production. The candidate has the right to be nominated if applied within the time limit for nomination.


Article six:

Individuals working in Saudi press institutions and have a published production in the media channels of these institutions, Saudi institutions, or institutions with representation in Saudi Arabia that nominate themselves for the award bear legal responsibility for the ownership of their submitted works.


Fourth - Branches of the Award

Article seven:

The award has four branches, and each branch has a number of specialized categories in the same branch, as the following:

  1. Journalism and the included categories are (Social journalism, cultural journalism, economic journalism, political journalism, sports journalism, photo journalism, caricature "cartons" journalism and columnist).

  2. Visual production and the included categories are (video report, TV interview and documentary).

  3. Audio production and the included category is (mass communication).

  4. Media Person of the Year.


Fifth - The Award Authority

A - Formation of the authority: 


Article eight:

The award authority is formed by a decision of the board of directors of the Saudi Journalists Association (SJA) consist of a president and six members at least.


Article nine:

The award will have a general secretariat composed of a number of employees, and one of the award authority members will be in charge of it.


Article ten:

The award authority approves the main branches and the included categories of the award every year, and all or some of the categories of one branch or more, could be customized in any year for certain groups or entities. The award authority can establish or combine branches or categories if needed.


Article eleven:

Diversity in the specialties and interests of the members of the award authority should be taken into consideration in accordance with branches and categories of the award. The candidates for membership of the award authority, whether from inside or outside the Kingdom, must have appropriate academic or professional experience in any branch of the award.


Article twelve:

The membership of each member of the award authority lasts for three years, and the president of the award authority, with the approval of the board of directors of the journalists association, will choose an alternative to the member whose membership has ended in the award board.


Article thirteen:

The membership for a member of the award board is expired by death or a written request to be exempt or been absent from three meetings without an excuse.


Article fourteen:

The award board meets at a call of its president Twice every year, at least, and the number of the authority meetings could be increased if there is a need according to the president of the authority. The meeting is not be held if less than two-thirds of the members attended.


Article fifteen:

Decisions and recommendations of the authority is issued by the majority votes, and when the votes are equal, the president's side is the weighted.


B - Tasks of the Award Authority:


Article sixteen:

The award authority approves annually the formation of specialized arbitration committees in each of the branches of the award, and designates a chairperson for each committee.


Article seventeen:

The award authority will initially examine the work submitted to the award to ensure that the general conditions are applied, and prepares a list of nominated works to win the award in each category of each branch; then these works transferred to arbitration committees for evaluation.


Article eighteen:

The award authority approves the recommendations of the arbitration committees and declare the winners in the various fields of the branches and categories of the award.


Article nineteen:

The award authority provides sponsorship and support resources to cover the necessary expenses, and in each year, the authority sets the necessary regulations to apply that, to include the duties of the sponsors and the supporters and the received privileges in exchange for that.


Article twenty:

The award authority prepares an annual report on the work of the award, including administrative and financial aspects, in no more than one month from the date of the award ceremony, and then the authority submits the report to the board of directors of the journalists association.


Article twenty-one:

The award authority propose any needed amendments to the rules and implementing regulations governing the award, then these proposals are submitted to the board of directors of the journalists association for consideration and take the appropriate decision.


Article twenty-two:

The award authority prepares the necessary forms for the receiving and the initial evaluating of the nominated works, and then refers these works to the arbitration committees. The authority also prepares forms for evaluating works nominated by the arbitration committees, and lists of winners of different categories of the award branches.


Sixth - Arbitration of works nominated for the award

Article twenty-three:

The arbitration committee, in each category of the award branches, consists of three members at least, as determined by the award authority. The arbitration committees can also use a qualified person, but this should be demonstrated in the arbitration reports of the nominated business.


Article twenty- four:

The candidate for membership of the arbitration committee in any category of the branches of the award must have at least a bachelor degree and professional experience in the field of media and communication.


Article twenty-five:

A member of arbitration committee not allowed to nominate and win the award for the field in which this member is the arbitrator.


Article twenty-six:

The submitted works will be judged according to the following standards:

  1. The submitted works should be as a new and an innovative adding.

  2. The submitted work should contribute in the development of the media work; stimulate competition and creativity in the field to which he belongs.

  3. The submitted work must commit to the professional standards set by the award authority for each branch of the award.


Article twenty-seven:

The nominated works will be judged in strict confidence, and members of the arbitration committees must not announce the names of candidates or winners, also the results of the award is not considered official unless it is approved by the award authority.


Article twenty-eight:

The arbitration committee of each branch in each year should establish its own professional standards to be approved by the award authority.


Article twenty-nine:

Each submitted work is awarded 100 points according to the professional standards set by the arbitration committee of each branch; these standards should consider, during division of grades, the submitted work commitment to be characterized as new and innovative, in addition to what the submitted work contains of creative vision, and professional practice.


Article thirty:

The minimum qualifying points for the award is 70 points, the award for a field or fields, which is presented in the various branches of the award, is withheld if not a single work get these 70 points.


Article thirty-one:

The work, which receives the largest number of points among the nominated works in the same field of each category from each branch, wins the award, and two works can be awarded the same field award equally, if they are equal in the arbitration total points. When more than two works are equal in the total points, the work, which got more points in the professional aspects, will be the winner.


Article thirty-two:

The arbitration committee in each branch of the award after completing its work submits a confidential report to the award authority. This report include a list of all nominated works and the qualified ones in each category of each branch and provide the necessary justification for this, and recommending the withholding of the award in the field or areas in which the nominated works has not received the minimum number of points eligible for competing for the award.


Article thirty-three:

By a decision of the board of the award authority, which is based on the recommendation of the arbitration committees, it is possible to withhold some or all of the categories presented in one of the branches of the award.


Seventh - Financial aspects:

Article thirty-four:

The jury member in each of the branches of the award receives a financial reward and a special certificate of appreciation, and the board of the award authority determines the amount of the financial reward for each member.


Eighth - The rights of the award winners:

Article thirty-five:

The award winner (or two winners), individuals or institutions, for each of the categories presented in the seven branches of the award, will be awarded:

  1. A commemorative sculpture expressing the award and carrying its emblem and the year in which it was awarded.

  2. A certificate of excellence bearing the name of the winners (or the names of the two winners) of the competition and the name of the award winning work.

  3. A sum of SR 50,000 for each winner, except the "Media Person of the Year", which will get SR 100,000.

  4. Publicize about the winner and the work, which received the award, in various media.


Ninth - Interpreting and applying the executive regulation:

Article - thirty-six:

This executive regulation shall be in force from the approved date by the board of the journalists association.


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