The Future of Saudi Newspapers and Magazines

The factors affecting the investment strategies, management and marketing of newspapers and magazines in Saudi Arabia are evolving rapidly.. The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to international media strategies and to highlight the impact of digital technology on newspapers and magazines. The workshop will culminate with a discussion on the future of the media over the next decade.

Dr. Ammar Bakkar

How to Create Effective Digital Content

This workshop presents the process of effective media content creation using the latest digital tools and techniques. Participants will learn how to determine their target audience and gain insight on research tools. The workshop will present examples to help journalists to be more creative when generating content.

Ali Sabkar

Essential Mobile Journalism Tools

Using a smartphones as an electronic news gathering device to add multimedia content to stories has become common place for journalists. This workshop will enable participants to master the skills of mobile technology as a means of gathering and disseminating news content. Participants will learn about the mobile tools shaping today’s media in order to play a central role in international journalism.

Mubarak Aldijein

The Rules of Communication Campaign Strategy: Applying Them Flexibly

It has been observed that everything in strategy is very simple, but not on that account very easy. In this workshop we consider the rules you cannot break and how to apply these creatively and flexibly.

Paul Ryder

Artificial Intelligence: The Future Newsroom

This workshop presents the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in journalism and the challenges and opportunities it presents for newsrooms. AI can reduce tasks and allow journalists to spend more time on reporting. Here participants will be introduced to the latest newsroom monitoring tools using AI for traditional and online publications.

Ali Al-Aasam

Effective Journalism

To build confidence between the press and public administration, training on communication and accountability standards are key tools. This workshop presents the communication skills required for journalists to interact effectively with U.S. government agencies and official spokespersons.

Geraldine Griffith

Cyber Bullying: How to Deal With Abuse on Social Media

Social Media coverage of news has a profound impact and public reaction to press coverage online can often be brutal. And, have the potential to do harm to the wellbeing of journalists. This workshop offers training on how to recognize and deal with online abuse.

Dr. Tarek Al-Habib

News Gathering with AI & ML

The journalism industry is highly dependent on technology. But increasingly, technology itself is changing the way that news and journalism is done. News organizations are leveraging AI to change the way news is generated, produced, published, and shared. Ashutosh Nayak tells us everything we need to know about news gathering with AI & ML.

Ashutosh Nayak

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