Riyadh, Dec 3, 2019, SPA --

In a session entitled "Using the press to build bridges of communications", at the Saudi Media Forum, the journalist and writer for Middle East affairs, in Le Figaro Georges Malbrunot called for the need to change the ideas of journalism when they want to write any report on any country.
He also urged countries to open their doors to journalists to take a better picture of them, and the journalist should realize that there is a difference in cultures between countries.
Malbruno said that paper newspapers began to end, and that young people turned to the attention of websites or social networking sites to take information, criticizing some young journalists who have no experience, when it comes to writing any report on the Gulf countries and relying only on the few information, which sometimes are wrong or not suitable, stressing the importance of research and inquiry before writing.
He praised the changes in the Kingdom and described them as positive, and praised the Al-Ula region, north of the Kingdom, describing it as distinctive, expecting that tourists in the coming period will go there, because it is an area worth visiting.
On the other hand, during a session entitled "The role of the media in containing and fueling political crises, in the Arab world," the Yemeni Minister of Information said that half of the battle with Houthi is a media war, and that the Houthi militia is armed against the state and adopted a repressive authority and that journalists were the first to be caught by their fire.
"When we talk about neutrality, we talk about the high professionalism of the journalist and the values and ethics that keep the journalist away from prejudice and misinformation," said Taoufik bin Majid, a career journalist.
For his part, political analyst Sabah al-Khuzaie pointed out that there is no media that does not have a plan and objectives, calling on the Arab space to be Arab minded.
He explained that there is a difference between the media that serves the people and the propaganda media, the first disseminate information, in an objective way, while the other serve projects to wreak havoc, in the region.